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Thursday 20th, January @ 11 am ET

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Monday 24th, January @ Midnight ET


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Kovert is a system I’ve been ‘Genuinely’ developing, and using myself for almost 12 months 
Which is why I haven’t been involved in any launches for over 10 months.
The system is a process (not software) which is designed to work completely from scratch (genuinely requires no list, no existing assets, and no experience)... 

...making it a perfect starting point for beginners as well as an excellent side hustle for more experienced marketers.

Kovert works on a value first basis which involves giving away specially formatted Google docs (or PDFs).
Giving away the document triggers an automated process which instantly begins pitching, and selling on the users behalf using two phases.

Phase #1 focuses on one lead product and works / sells using a combination of elements. 

I.e. switch page, Google doc (promotion doc), Pitch page and automated campaign, all of which is automated during the initial set up. (2-3 hours).

Phase #2 takes the same prospects through a series of automated campaigns designed to pitch and sell multiple products on the users behalf (through their affiliate link)... 
See an example below from yesterday.

$189.94 Yesterday

$189.94 in affiliate commission automatically (Yesterday)

The screenshot shown above is a great example of income derived from phase #2 of the Kovert system. I.e. the prospect enters via Phase #1 in order to receive the Google doc after phase #1 ends (regardless of whether they purchase the lead product or not) the prospect is automatically taken through Phase #2 which gives the user the potential to make more sales (without additional work) as in this case (yesterday's screenshot / example).

Reality & Potential

The reality is Kovert isn’t a 3 click software, but it is a process that works, and will do for those who use and implement it. 

The system is also evergreen and requires only a few minutes work each week to keep generating results (after the initial set up is complete).
Potential: Because the system works from scratch all users have the same potential. 

And while nobody can guarantee specific results the screenshot below shows a little of what any user ‘could’ achieve when they follow the instructions and implement the system.
See example below.

$5,544.26 Giving Away The Same Google Doc / PDF

The image above shows recent income derived (where outlined) from just one product using the Kovert process. All income is for the same product (lead product) focused on in Phase #1. Broken down: $3,677.29 from the pitch page, $813.14 from inside the doc / pdf, and $1053.83 from the Phase #1 automated campaign.

 How Does Your Customer


 Kovert Front End Includes:

  • Full access to the KOVERT members training area.
  • The Complete KOVERT System - from start to finish (never seen, or done before)
  • Step by step training videos (14 videos) - Detailing the whole process
  • PDF & documentation (1 PDF & 1 Checklist / Task Sheet)
  • Full setup explained
  • I detail the instant targeted traffic myself and existing users are using.
  • $5,184.88 Case Study
  • See It In Action - Users get to see my own setup.
The Kovert training is highly detailed, concise (see video below), and realistic (based on actual implementation / use & not theory). Each and every step of the system is explained thoroughly to enable all customers to quickly understand the system so they are able to implement it for themselves.

Front End Pricing: $17

For Kovert Upsells, Features & Pricing See Below

Check Out the Kovert Training Area

Everything shown in this video is included in the front-end offer and consists of 14 tutorial videos, PDF, Checklist, Actual examples currently in use as well as results derived from using the system.

Full Upsell Details

Upsell 1: 5K Campaigns

  • 10 ready-made and ‘Profitable’ Copy & Paste Campaigns.
  • Case Study #1 - An Extra $561.40 In 7 Days on Autopilot
  • 10+ Congruent products with approval codes
  • Ready made DFY Phase 1 (Initial) Campaign.
  • Case Study #2 - An Extra $174.65 In 2 Days
  • Full Video Instructions (Even the basics)
All campaigns are tested and used by me. Initial campaign is formatted for Phase #1 while the 10 ready made campaigns are formatted for phase #2. Each campaign is copy and paste ready.

Pricing: $47

This upsell has a cheaper downsell option. Downsells are smaller packages & NOT discounts on the same offer. Commission is 50% on both upsell and downsell offers.

Upsell 2: Ultimate DFY

  • 4x Ready Made: Professionally written Google Docs
  • 4x Ready Made: Fully formatted switch pages
  • 4x Ready made: Fully formatted Pitch pages (With video)
  • 4x Ready made: Fully formatted Pitch pages (No video)
  • 4x Ready made: Pitch page videos (With voice)
  • 4x Ready made: Pitch page videos (No voice)
  • Step by step training videos - Detailing the whole process
  • PLUS: Customers get my $5,199.80 project *Fast action takers

Pricing: $97

This upsell has a cheaper downsell option. Downsells are smaller packages & NOT discounts on the same offer. Commission is 50% on both upsell and downsell 

Upsell 3: Kovert Traffic MAX

  • My personal High Yield traffic sources.
  • Full instructions and links included.
  • Stealth: Quickly find additional winning sources - which already makes money for others.
  • Stack and Test New Sources - The process I use (and teach) to find the best High Yield traffic.
  • KOVERT MAX: My secret to turning small profits into Big Money.
  • Full Video Instructions.
  • PDF Instructions Included.

Pricing: $37

This upsell has a cheaper downsell option. Downsells are smaller packages & NOT discounts on the same offer. Commission is 50% on both upsell and downsell offers.

Upsell 4: Ultimate Agency

  • Reseller Edition - Customers receive 90% commission
  • Uses the Kovert system to re-sell
  • Ready made editable Google Doc - Just add affiliate link
  • Ready made pre-sell switch page code
  • Ready made pitch page code
  • Ready made pitch page video
  • Initial email campaign - 5 ready made emails
  • Full video instructions (6 tutorial videos)

Pricing: $77

This upsell has a cheaper downsell option. Downsells are smaller packages & NOT discounts on the same offer. Commission is 50% on both upsell and downsell 

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Kovert pays 50% Commission on everything

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Win Up To $5,000 In Cash Prizes!

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5th Place


- Plus Additional ‘Everyone Wins’ Contests From Day 2 -

In order to qualify for stated cash prizes you are required to sell twice the amount of the prize. 
When this criteria is not met prizes will be paid on a pro-rata basis in line with sales made.

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